Wooshcom acheives record: over 15 years without a failure!

Wooshcom acheives record: over 15 years without a failure!

MPEG Demultiplexer

MPEG De-Multiplexer

WOOSHCOM’s MPEG transport stream de-multiplexer is a licensable function which can be loaded onto WooshCom’s CSX and DSX family of products. It enables MPEG multi-program transport streams to be split into single program transport streams which allows each SPTS to then be encapsulated in its own dedicated UDP/IP stream. Streams may be sent out as Multicast or Unicast.

Two versions of de-multiplexing are available. The first version provides the ability to form each SPTS stream into a Constant Bit Rate (CBR) with a user-specified information rate. The second version allows a larger number of SPTS channels. This is perfect for instances that don’t need the ability to implement the CBR algorithm.

All incoming MPEG streams are stripped of null packets at entry. The CBR algorithm will then re-introduce Null packets and perform PCR correction on an SPTS channel by channel basis.

The demultiplexing function may be loaded onto Woosh.Com’s CSX-1641 hardware platform as a firmware upgrade. This provides the ability to demux up to four multi.program transport streams arriving on the four ASI inputs.

A 2U chassis may accommodate up to 15 CSX-1641 mod.ules and each module may demultiplex up to 14 SPTS streams. A total of 210 SPTS streams may be produced by a fully loaded 2U rack. A 1U chassis may accommodate up to 5 modules and produce up to 70 SPTS streams.

Each SPTS program may have a new TSID assigned to it. If there is an SDT table associated with the incoming stream an SDT table will be sent out with each resulting SPTS stream and optionally with a new user assignable channel name. The user may also choose to pass the in.coming NIT or not.

Each SPTS channel may have a unique IP address and a unique UDP port number assigned to it. Both unicast IP addresses and multicast IP addresses may be used.


Some of its benefits:

  • Simultaneously drive IPTV system and QAM system
  • Single stage preparation of streams for IPTV distribution
  • Save rack space with less equipment
  • Net power savings reducing operating costs
  • Save bandwidth by eliminating unnecessary programs
  • Easily manage from any computer without software installation

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Some of its features:

  • De-multiplex MPTS to SPTS
  • Upgradeable onto existing CSX-1641 aggregators
  • Up to 14 SPTS per CSX-1641 module
  • Up to 210 SPTS channels per 2U chassis
  • Optional Constant Bit Rate on each SPTS channel
  • Intuitive user control via browser based GUI

Hardware platforms for this capability

Standalone Unit

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1U Chassis

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2U Chassis

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