Wooshcom acheives record: over 15 years without a failure!

Wooshcom acheives record: over 15 years without a failure!

WooshCom® Announces

Denver, Colorado – October 10, 2012

WooshCom® Announces CSX-1641 ASI to IP Aggregator

WooshCom® Corporation today announced the introduction of a radically different approach for the aggregation of DVB-ASI satellite receiver streams into IP. At the heart of this is the CSX-1641; a miniature quad ASI input module with IP input and IP output ports. This granular approach, of only 4 ports per module, enables engineers to tailor the overall number of ASI ports closely to their needs, while also providing for a spare unit at a low cost.

Multiple CSX modules may be cascaded together using the IP ports to form aggregation groups of virtually any size. This flexible approach enables operators to choose the size of each aggregation group so as to balance out the load on the IP outputs. Standard MPEG Null packet filtering further optimizes the output bandwidth.

The CSX-1641’s miniature size (4.8”x3.3”x0.9” & 8.5 ounce) allows for “zero rack space install” in the wire harness area behind the satellite receivers. Alternately up to 19 CSX’s may be mounted on a rack shelf providing the highest density ASI aggregation solution in the industry at 76 ASI ports in 2U of space. At Cable-Tec Expo, it will be on display at booth # 716.

The distributed architecture minimizes the impact of a single point of failure, which is the “Achilles heel” of high port count aggregators. Only content from ports upstream of the point of failure is interrupted. Any fault is then easily isolated and eliminated by simply moving a couple of cables until a spare module is swapped in.

Sparing may be accomplished by simply purchasing one four-port module as opposed to an entire rack shelf, yielding significant savings. All things considered, the CSX provides the lowest total cost solution on the market.

The CSX-1641’s two internally switched Ethernet ports permit an entire rack to be managed over a single Ethernet cable. The internal web server provides simple and intuitive user control by using a standard browser. Dual power ports also provide power redundancy.

Each ASI input port may accept up to 213Mbps, and each IP port is capable of transporting up to 950Mbps of data.

About WooshCom®

WooshCom® Corporation provides innovative products to make the management and manipulation of MPEG-2 transport streams flexible and seamless. WooshCom® has been supplying such solutions to the cable television and satellite industries since 2002. WooshCom® , a privately held firm, is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and can be found on the web at www.WooshCom.com.

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