Wooshcom acheives record: over 15 years without a failure!

Wooshcom acheives record: over 15 years without a failure!

WooshCom® Announces

Denver, Colorado – June 20, 2013

High Density ASI to IP Aggregator


WooshCom® Corporation today announced the introduction of its new ASI to IP chassis solution providing the highest density ASI to IP aggregation solution available in the market. Due to its modular architecture it can be configured in increments of 4 ASI ports to convert up to 60 ASI ports into Gigabit Ethernet in a 2U rack mountable chassis.

The architecture is based on WooshCom’s innovative CSX-1641 module, which provides significant flexibility in the device’s configuration. “Cable operators can now purchase the number of ASI ports they need instead of being forced to gulp them down in 24 port chunks. Also the cost of sparing the device is within reach of small operators since they just need to purchase one extra module.” Says Bruce Marler, CTO & V.P. Engineering of WooshCom.

Multiple CSX-1641 modules, each with a unique cascading capability, allow content to be aggregated into a user selectable number of IP outputs. In a single chassis with 15 CSX-1641s, anywhere from 1 to 15 IP outputs may be provided. These outputs often drive devices (switches or QAM modulators) with a limited number of ports, or high per port costs. Choosing the number of outputs allows operators to minimize the number of IP outputs without exceeding the 950Mbps capacity limit of IP.

Built-in Null packet stripping is available on an ASI port-by-port basis thereby enabling more content to be packed into 950 Mbps.

“There is no other aggregation device on the market today that comes close to providing this breadth of features, this level of flexibility, or the resulting low deployment cost.” says Mr. Marler.

The architecture provides for an entire chassis to be managed over a single Ethernet cable using its simple and intuitive browser based management GUI. The chassis may be configured with redundant power supplies to provide additional fault tolerance.

Each ASI input port accepts up to 213Mbps, and each IP port is capable of transporting up to 950Mbps of data.

More information can be seen at www.WooshCom.com, where a data sheet may be requested.

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WooshCom® Corporation provides innovative products to make the management and manipulation of MPEG-2 transport streams flexible and seamless. WooshCom® has been supplying such solutions to the cable television and satellite industries since 2002. WooshCom® , a privately held firm, is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and can be found on the web at www.WooshCom.com.

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