Wooshcom acheives record: over 15 years without a failure!

Wooshcom acheives record: over 15 years without a failure!

Unheard of Reliability

Never a failure in over 15 years

Our products are 100% reliable. We’ve not had a single WooshCom manufactured product failure in over 14 years.

WooshCom’s MPEG interface adapters and satellite content IP aggregation devices and demultiplexers are all manufactured in the United States using state of the art technology. We attribute our impeccable quality record to both our manufacturing processes and our robust engineering design.

WooshCom engineering dictates that the overall performance of our products is not overly dependent upon any individual component. The metrics of our key components are of the highest quality and well within industry protocol standards.

Extensive simulation of products in real life conditions further ensures correct operations. Many products are burned-in while running data through the devices at full speed for 72 hours before shipment. All of our products are thoroughly tested before shipping.