Wooshcom acheives record: over 15 years without a failure!

Wooshcom acheives record: over 15 years without a failure!

WooshCom® Announces

Denver, Colorado – July 15, 2013

Advanced Null Packet Filtering Algorithm


WooshCom® Corporation today announced the introduction of a proprietary Advanced Null Packet Filtering algorithm on their CSX-1641 ASI to IP aggregation platform for use in Cable TV headends.

The algorithm enables users to strip out un-necessary MPEG Null Packets while generating an MPEG compliant stream. “Other aggregators on the market strip out Null packets in such a way that they generate a non-compliant MPEG transport stream which causes video flicker on older set-top boxes. Our proprietary algorithm solves this flicker problem while saving bandwidth.” Said Mr. Marler, CTO and V.P. Engineering of WooshCom.

Null packet filtering has become an essential tool on aggregators when processing the deluge of data that comes from Single Program Transport Stream (SPTS) receivers. SPTS receivers produce a trickle of desirable content amidst a deluge of Null data. 3.75Mbps of standard definition video in a 54 Mbps data stream is not an uncommon situation. Seventeen of these streams completely fill up a 950Mbps GbE link. With Null packet filtering this can be reduced down to an easily managed 64 Mbps.

WooshCom’s proprietary algorithm reduces Null packets down to a user specified data rate. The resulting transport stream has a constant bit rate (CBR) regardless of whether the underlying content is variable bit rate (VBR) or CBR.

The algorithm has been implemented on the CSX-1641 in such a way that filtering can be specified on an ASI port-by-port basis. At the user’s discretion, some ASI ports can implement the proprietary Fixed Rate algorithm and some can strip out all Nulls while others can pass all Nulls.

More information can be seen at www.WooshCom.com, where a data sheet and white paper on “Capacity Planning in IP Aggregation” may be requested.

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WooshCom® Corporation provides innovative products to make the management and manipulation of MPEG-2 transport streams flexible and seamless. WooshCom® has been supplying such solutions to the cable television and satellite industries since 2002. WooshCom® , a privately held firm, is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and can be found on the web at www.WooshCom.com.

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